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Early Work

1997 to 2010

I am still working on this gallery, here are a few paintings spanning 1997 to 2010

Curated Art Shows


All Things That Move

Boneyard Arts Festival
Champaign, Illinois
April 15, 2010 

David curated the show at the 209 West University Building which included a retrospective (moving sale) and new paintings by David and the work of Jerry Sims (photography); Scott Wenerdahl (interactive computer generated art); and the late Jen Harris’ first public show (ink drawings and wise sayings).

Visions Past

Boneyard Arts Festival
Champaign, Illinois
April 16, 2009 

This was David’s first public showing of his work, a retrospective covering 20 years of painting. David also curated the show which included David’s work as well as artists Leah Guadagnoli (graphite drawings, collage, and acrylic paintings); Jerry Sims (photography); and Scott Wenderdahl (interactive computer generated art).