Emptiness & Fullness

Seattle, WA
December, 29, 2017

From the collection: Across the Pacific

All Paths Lead to the Divine

Because, it is said,

All is Śiva.

The Paths we take,

Illusions in our mind,

As we rest, gently sleeping in Divinity’s Heart.

We dream that we are lost and separate,

In thinking, we believe

We are separate beings of flesh & matter

In closing our eyes, 

light shines out, 


They say there are different paths to God

Via positivia with joy and bliss & 

Via negativia with suffering and despair

One with Fullness

One with Emptiness

Same, same, All is One…

Emptiness is Fullness

Fullness is Emptiness

because they cannot exist without each other.

How can Light not give to Darkness?

How can Warmth not give to the Cold?

Fullness gives to Emptiness,

But Emptiness is only emptiness

Because it has given

All to Fullness.