Sunset in Leleluvia

Leleluvia, Fiji
September 28, 2017

From the collection: Across the Pacific

Nestled in the sand, reading,

warm at first, growing cooler…

as the sky grows dark

reading about Shiva & Dionysis

until the words disappear into darkness

And suddenly I look up

the half-moon beaming a smile down on my crown

light in the growing darkness,

I am illuminated!

Moon she is the only one who understands my pain ―

Who else understands being so full?

Who else understands being so empty?

Her lower lip prominent,

Illuminated with lipstick of light

Ah she opens me, opens me,

Opens me

My heart, my mind ―

All the space of the universe is not so open

As this openness!

As I watch the moon, 

Time starts to break down

It becomes discontinuous ―

Flows, stops.

Flows, stops.

Flows, stops.

How long can this continue?

Am I going mad?


just perceiving reality ―

just perceiving eternity,