Medical Student Homophobia

Klamen, D., L. Grossman, & D. Kopacz
Published in Journal of Homosexuality 37 (1): 53-63

Peer Reviewed
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To determine whether homophobia existed in a sample of the second-year medical school class before beginning a course on Human Sexuality. METHOD: We administered a questionnaire to a sample of the second-year class at an introductory lecture to the course on Human Sexuality. This questionnaire asked twelve questions regarding attitudes about homosexuality, and incorporated questions from other surveys used previously. RESULTS: The data indicated significant homophobia. One-quarter of the students reported believing homosexuality is immoral and dangerous to the institution of the family, and expressed aversion to socializing with homosexuals. Nine percent believed homosexuality to be a mental disorder and 14% felt more homophobia since AIDS. CONCLUSIONS: Medical student homophobia, if left unchallenged, will hinder care provided to homosexual patients. Physician homophobia may disallow a healthy doctor-patient relationship and may cause a decrease in patients' ability to disclose sensitive issues.

Peer ReviewedDavid Kopacz