Mission Bay Café, Auckland, New Zealand
May 3, 2011

From the unpublished collection: New (Zealand) Enthusiasms

The searching dramas of correspondence
The searching for understanding and acceptance
and the ego’s desire to find vibrant joy, excitement
and mirroring.

This drive to find one’s correspondence
in material form and in another human being’s form
this perpetually focuses one on the other
on possibility…
and continually there is the choice 
between what is
and what is possible.

Can the external search
ever lead to 
Internal peace?

The application of technique 
to the tenderness of the Soul
makes everything mean and petty,
the calculus of enlightenment
leads one further into the dark.

Which way to turn
when both internal and external
seem only to offer dead ends? 

The renewal of Self
in the waters of Life –
embarking on a process of re-birth,

a long and often arduous process –

to put life 
into work and get life 
out of work.
Begin that!

Rehabilitation to create a life and 
a world in which one can
habitate again –
in which one can find a home
and a place
for oneself.